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  1. all my accounts banned, appears to be Light's Hope anticheat. 😞 lost multiple level 60s
  2. Instead of a refund, I suggest an ice cream party!
  3. Think of this as ice cream. WRobot is the initial ice cream you fill your cup with. Some toppings are free and boring and the ice cream will be disappointing. So, you buy extra toppings like fight classes, plugins, and profiles that cost beyond the initial ice cream. You go from having plain vanilla (no pun intended) to having birthday cake ice cream mixed with another flavor plus all the delicious toppings you could possibly want. It is worth the extra money to have good tasting ice cream! Extra cherries on top include dedicated proxies and a good set up.
  4. I want to run ten sessions with ten different proxies. Should I use a dedicated VPS/RDP for this or should I lower resources (e.g., graphics) for every WoW client I copy and have it play? I figure a VPS/RDP with good enough specs and the usage of good SOCKS5 proxies (have already) would be good for running farm bots for Vanilla. Any advice?
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