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    • top four were bundled. So I have to find it again and reread description on which is which  
    • Blank Fishing.xml Darkwater Skate - Darkmoon Island [Studio60][QuestBot].xml Darkwater Skate - Darkmoon Island [Studio60][QuestBot][No Travel].xml Darkwater Skate - Darkmoon Island [Studio60][QuestBot][No Travel][No Mount Purchase].xml N-Grind--100-110 lorlathil .xml
    • Thanks for this it was exactly what i was looking for too.
    • You are going to need to convert the profiles.  With the WRobot conversion tool I think the outcome is dependant on the type of profile, grinder, gatherer or quester. If you look at the structure of the XML files grinder and gatherer are easy.  Usually its just a bunch of co-ordinates(Vectors)  to make the path and if its a grinder there will be a section of the XML file that has the NPC ID's for the mobs you want to attack...  For gatherer / grinder i would expect the conversion tool to work fine.   Quester is a different story.  all the HB profiles i have seen that are worth a damn are shipped with custom "plugin packages".  The profile actually calls that plugin to change the way the bot works for that quest pulse.  Obviously without the plugin package you are in trouble.  On top of this- it will require a load of 'code sanitation' as the HB profiles have a lot more steps that wrobot doesnt use.  My experience with HB quest conversion was a 1-60 profile.. i had a function Wrobot 1-60 quester with ~1300 steps... the converted HB profile had just over 4000... it was probably easy to just remake the quest profile rather than try to get the converted file to work with all the debug it would take.   post a link to the HB profiles you have- maybe we can get some of them working..  
    • and also where did you donwload your wow client and for what server are you playing on that could be the problem also if its a custom server like wow-mania it could be causing the issues. does it have WOD graphics installed onto it exc.
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