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  • Running into walls just next to doors

    • Version: All Product: Quester Type: Bug Status: Fixed

    The bot seems to run right next to the door, like on all doors...

    and then after than starting to jump move around a little and then walk though - and as far as i can see, then it does it with every doors it comes across.


    Please fix this - as this is one of the things thats really makes it look bottish

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    Dynamic objects which are not saved in the .mpq files, but saved on the server itself, are not included in the WRobot meshes. ( Doors, Waggons, Benchs etc. )

    I really don't understand, why other bots have them included in their meshes and WRobot doesn't. ( Droidz just need to go ingame, record every single dynamic object with a tool and add them to the meshes )

    A more improved pathfinding system would be great, but ain't gonna happen. :sad:



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