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Bot ignores Blackspots

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Hello @Droidz  i used my profile month ago, and after some break decided to get back to botting, but after update i noticed that bot is running through Blackspots, probably he thinks that there's no other way to get on grind area, but profile is the same, and he never was here before (link:

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41 minutes ago, Droidz said:

Hello, what product do you use (quester / grinder / ...)?

Hey.Quester Vanilla. Just interesting how it's even possible that bot ignores blackspots and run into it.  I have checked checkbox ( avoid blacklisted zones (beta)). I have no Grinding spot in blackspots too, before few updates bot used to run near hills on the right side. now he's running directly to grindzone. 
Another example how it should be, now on lvl 32 bot runs to undercity for trainers. 

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5 minutes ago, Findeh said:

Yeah, much better now...



And this how it should be:

Looks very similar to this problem:

Maybe you have deleted some connections again? Or forgot to add them manually?

I had similar problem months ago with HMP enabled and Smart pulls or function "avoid highlevel mobs and group" but as i remember Matenia fixed it right after i told him about that problem, try to disable hmp and check again.

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I don't have hmp, and it's not about any settings. Pathfinder is not working as it was before and some connections are missing. And this like third time already they are missing there.

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Funny thing that is seems like it's even attracted to blackspots now. If i'm using the same profile without blackspots, bot is not trying to run the same way. But if i add black spots, it starts to run exactley trough them ?


Also screenshots with starting coordinates:

Starting from 1422.756, -2249.474, 90.06472 = wrong path.


Starting from 1421.51, -2249.491, 90.05918 (literaly 1 meter away from the previous one) = going straight as it did befor.


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