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Is Lua.LuaDoString using a lock?


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Hey @Droidz

is Lua.LuaDoString using a lock? I'm trying to figure something out.
When I lock frames, my entire combat iterations works very fast. When I don't freeze them, it's very slow (about 8 times slower, even when putting a lock on ObjectManager.Locker).
I have optimized my framework quite a lot in recent times and still don't understand why things can take as long as they do sometimes. 
I thought it might have something to do with me utilizing multi threading.

Just trying to understand wRobot better and I happen to use a lot of Lua instead of reading from memory directly.

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(when you don't use lock frame) Lua is slow because WRobot need to inject code in wow (that run in next frame refresh). If you call 5 times lua (on 1 thread) you need to wait ~5 wow frames, ~80ms with 60 fps.

You can:

- lockframe (it is a easier way, and in some case better)

- avoid to use lua (but a lot of wrobot api methods use lua it is hard to know what methods you can use or not)

- try to avoid useless lua call (by sample if you use "if (lua.do("is ok") && me.health < 10 && me.havetarget)" replace it by "if (me.havetarget && me.health < 10 && lua.do("is ok"))"

- combine your lua scripts (if you use several lua calls in one condition try to combine it to one call)

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