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Complete condition by zone help

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How can i set an is complete condition by zone or subzone ?

i would like to complete a quester pulse when in that zone or subzone and move to the next quester step.

more specific if some one already have it i like to put on a pulse the teleport from bloodelfs to undercity 


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Obviously no one has the code you need sorry.
You'd probably have to check how to see what zone you are in and make that as a complete condition, either as Lua or C#. ?

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#1 It looks like you may have an extra space between "of  Lordaeron"

#2 If that doesn't work try doing ; at the very end. example -> "Ruins of Lordaeron";

#3 Or find the AreaId of the position you are at. example -> Usefuls.AreaId == 3968;

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