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OPP(Other Peoples Pets) Healing Issue


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Im am trying to make my healer heal other people in the party's pets.  


Im using a resto druid.


I have a good healing class that keeps the party alive when im grinding.  But it does not target my hunter or warlock pets.


I have made a simple fight class with just rejuvenation.  And put it in a party with my hunter.  The only way I can get my healer to heal my hunters pet is if I manually target the pet and have no conditions on the spell.  I have tried the conditions Pet Buff, Pet Health and just about every single thing.


It seems to be an issue with other peoples pets.  As my hunter can successfully cast mend pet on his own pet.


Basically what I want for my DRUID to do is.


Check health Pet (Hunter's Pet = Skoll)

If health <80 % Cast Rejuvenation (Buff)

If health <50% Cast Nourish

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Domage que cette partie soit restée sans réponse.


Je joue soigneur et je cherche à soigner les familiers des membres du groupe.

J'ai trouvé comment soigner avec :

TargetUnit "partypet1" CastSpellByName("Heal")

Mais je cherche les conditions qui se rattachent à un familier.

"Target Health Percent" concerne le membre du groupe mais il n'y a pas de condition pour le familier.

il y a peut-être une condition en LUA.

Si quelqu'un peut m'aider, merci.

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