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Request for Gear Buyer plugin

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I think This Would Be An Awesome Integration Droidz, For all of Us who Farm honor on a regular Basis, This means we wouldn't have to worry about our Toon's capping

and not farming anymore but still running bg's.


This Addon/ Plugin Would Work wonders for alot of us.


( if I knew Better Coding i would Attempt, But i suck lol )

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I am not into pvp at all. So I need alot of details and help. But it sounds like it is something that I can do in a profile/plugin. From the developing aspect I can do it. From my game knowledge, I can't.

If anyone is interested in letting me know details pls add me on discord:


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Now you can do that:

  1. Go to tab "General Settings"
  2. Button "Enter advanced general settings..."
  3. Tab "Vendor (Selling or Buying)"
  4. Button "Edit list of intems at buy" to open "Buy" window
  5. Add new row like: 
    • ITEM NAME: Item name to buy (case sensitive)
    • VENDOR ITEM CLASS: Custom (You can use what you want (avoid to use Repair or default type), what is important is to use same type in your npc db.)
    • QUANTITY: 1
    • SCRIPT CAN CONDITION: return wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Me.GetHonorPoint > 2000;       (replace 2000 by honor point required)

    If you want more info about buy feature put mouse cursor over text "Tips" in "Buy" window.


  6. Close "Buy" window.
  7. Click on "Save and Close button"
  8. In main WRobot window go to tab "Tools"
  9. Click on button "NPC DB" 
    • In game target vendor
    • In "NPC db" windown click on button "Add target to NPC list".
    • A row is added, in this row select "Custom" in "VENDOR ITEM CLASS" column.




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