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[Job] Create community logo


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I need your help to create logo (to replace "WRobot" text (top/left)).

if you are interested, post the logo in response (I want a simple logo), I will give a lifetime subscription if I use your logo.

This contest end the 09/30/2015, after I will open poll to allow at the members to choose their favorite logo. 

Regards, Droidz.

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Hey Guysm hey Droidz...

Let me show u my creation and i hope u will enjoy :

First of all, Droidz say "I want a simple logo" but what does it mean? Style, the Front, Color or the effects on?!? I´m not 100% sure but i hope my logo is what he mean.

I post one Logo in Png. (whittout Background), the problem is some effects and th style looks very Sh!tty whitout the Orignal background and Image Size, so i post an example of each Logo -  "How it will looks on WRobot page"


First One - WRobot White





The Secound






Dont like the color or something like that? So, let me know :)


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I´ll check ur "Logo´s Album" and some of them are very nice mate :)

The Last Logo does not match whit the "WRobot Community" but which is only not my taste and its doesnt matter what i think^^

But i luv to create "Wallpapers,banners, Headders, Logos, Photomontage" and so on and the last project, that u have posted here, the design and the creative work, that i see in your work is Amazing. Maybe u can give the bubbles (Dots) some softly and smothly shadow to give them more spatiality :)


3 Question mate... Where are u from? U are using Photoshop? Rigth? And for the W u are doing it via a Brush-Set or free Hand and put a simply letter over there?

Hehe, i am sure that we can create one of the best Logo if we are work together :)


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Thanks for opinion mate.

I created these projects when I had free time in job. I work with Photoshop about 7-9 years, but only in free time. This is my little hobby. Love to create flaty designs.

I'm from Poland and I apologize for mah bad english. Yes, I using mainly Photoshop, but I try to learn Illustrator. Yeah it's Brush from Adobe (google translated brushname: "Round angle of low stiffness") & rest is created from shapes.


mb like dat


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Anything ever come of this? I see it's still the same words... Looks like #2 won according the polls (Which was VERY well designed, although I'd drop the WR text at the bottom).

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