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Request (add x bars in grinder)

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Hi @Droidz


As I'm going along with the questing profile, I have to make it grind some parts (to keep up with lvls)

But grinding a whole lvl is pretty crazy, as I sometimes just need like 3bars + quest turn ins.


So is it possible to make it like "grind to lvl 47 & 10 bars instead of 48?


Ofc in the "this step is a grinder" in the quester :)

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You can use custom iscompleteconditon like 

return ObjectManager.Me.Level > 7 || (ObjectManager.Me.Level == 7 && ObjectManager.Me.Experience > 0 && (ObjectManager.Me.Experience * 100 / ObjectManager.Me.ExperienceMax) > 50)

(to complete quest when you level is bigger than 7.5 (7 at 50%)

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