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Delete quests from log

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Trying to delete some quest from logs with the code:


local questId = xxxxx;
for i=1,GetNumQuestLogEntries() do
 local _, _, _, _, _, _, _, id = GetQuestLogTitle(i);
 if id == questId then

But it dosen't seems to work in the vanilla version :/ any ideas ?

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On 3/14/2017 at 2:56 PM, Droidz said:

Hello, try c# code like 

        var logId = Quest.GetLogIdByQuestId(1234);
        if (logId > 0)
            Lua.LuaDoString("SelectQuestLogEntry(" + logId + "); SetAbandonQuest(); AbandonQuest(); ");

(replace 1234 by your quest id)

Currently getting an '  error CS0117: 'wManager.Wow.Helpers.Quest' does not contain a definition for 'GetLogIdByQuestId'    '

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