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[Request] Healer mode for battlegrounder

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Hello @Droidz , is it possible to get a healing mode added to the battlegrounder so that it will be possible to make propper healing profiles for the battlegrounder?

This would be a very useful and beneficial feature as it would make botting seem more humanlike and also enable people the option to bot as healers in the battlegrounds without struggeling with the bot having a huge desire to engage combat as a dpser all the time.. 


AND also give the battlegrounder regen support, so that its possible for the bot to actually drink/eat so it wont run around out of mana or with low health looking like a darn bot :> 

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The eat food in battlegrounds shouldn't be that difficult to add though? It's almost retarded seeing the bot trying to fight someone without mana, waiting 10 sec (not drinking), cast one smite and repeat it 

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