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Bot walking all across the map


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1 hour ago, imbalimba said:

Did that now. 

He still wants to run into the high level area and die...

21 Aug 2017 20H49.log.html

thats a User issue with the profile you are trying to load...

20:59:14 - [FlightMaster] Cannot make path from Eisenschmiede, Dun Morogh to destination, blacklist flightmaster and taxi node for session.
20:59:47 - [Quester] Stopped
20:59:47 - Session statistics:
Elapsed time: 00h:02m:41s

The profile you are trying to load is for Kalimdor... your bots on Azeroth.

The profile you are using specifically states where to start it.  The bot will not generate a path from Azeroth to Kalimdor so go to "Ratchet, walk down the merchant coast for a bit until you hit the box '1' from the screenshot- start the profile and let the bot do its thing." - im sure you read that on the description however...

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