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All my bots on Warmane Outland got banned

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on 9 november 6/14 bots were banned on warmane Outland. No big deal, it can happen.

I replaced all the dead toons and started botting again. After a few hours, all of my 14 bots got banned.

They were running on separated proxies (private ones, hosted on some VPS). Every proxy runs 3 bots, so that if one of them gets caught, at worst i lose 3 chars (that was my plan atleast).

They got banned almost all together. All of them were feral druids, grinding in different locations in the Outlands. They were farming about 15hrs a day (never at nights).


Now the thing is: it can't be an IP ban, but somehow they manage to get all of them all together! What could be the link between them? I used to send the farmed golds to a single char that is still alive.

The first ban on 9 november involved random chars running from different proxyes, so that wasn't an IP ban either.

I don't really know what i should change in order to avoid this to happen again. Does anyone have any clue to give me?

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Hello, if someone is familiar with its programming language, this person can also write up such a detection.

They may have an excellent serverside detection, recording paths of players and process the data aswell logging playtime per day, 

multiple accounts on the same ip address, trades, mails and everything you could think of that can be useful to detect, can trigger a notification if the action is uncommon.

However it should be considered also players can just report you as a bot(most of the time it is obvious).

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