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How to starting Wow in 32-bit


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To launch Wow in 32 bit with "Battle.net launcher"https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/33881


To launch Wow in 32 bit without  "Battle.net launcher" you have several methods:

Create shortcut (create shortcut of Wow.exe and add argument "-noautolaunch64bit"):


Rename(or remove) "Wow-64.exe":


Use WRobot to launch Wow:


Use "Relogger": https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/3632-relogger-tutorial-video/


To check if Wow is running in 32bit:


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Super fonctionne nickel merci encore et bonne journee par contre je ne peu pas tester le bot vu qu il n y a aucune fight class le rep est vide et j utilise un chasseur de demon ...




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Hi Sir,


patch 8.0.1 dont Work this Method to 32 Bit? i cant use it... pls help thx!


I copy this -noautolaunch64bit  in Target and dont work...  Version 8.0.1 (27219) Release x64.....


No X86... why?

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On 8/5/2018 at 4:35 PM, Matenia said:

wRobot does NOT SUPPORT retail wow...

Hi i'm new on Wrobot. if i understand, atm the bot don't work in 8.0.1 ? we need wait a updateversion ? 

thx and sry for my bad english

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2 minutes ago, Matenia said:

No, wRobot will not support official servers anymore.

wRobot will NEVER work for 8.x

It is a PRIVATE server bot.

fckkkk i don't have understand that .... and i have buy key -_-


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