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Plug-in switch and ifwhisper

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1.How to use the function runcode control switch34534.jpg.06380b9c36f976b76241707ccbaf8003.jpg

2.Game too much sweet language automatically shut down the game,4.jpg.dd5fa14712b5afbbcbf90741a411bf33.jpg//>wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.CloseIfWhisperBiggerOrEqualTo = 10000;<//Where is the error?

3.Pet skills to switch what API control?22.jpg.25877ec0d03e3aea19a91c0465d9eeba.jpg======>333.jpg.75d3e8e9681dc2b46c6679a78df8f3c2.jpg?



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Thanks Droidz,
How to use this function in wrbot213.jpg.bd1acc0e9922e6d6d45d49deb3058085.jpgthere is a tutorial?  I am a novice

/////////////////////////////Add the first question///////////////////

Sometimes I need to buy a piece of equipment in the supplier,234.jpg.c583e68d2123e461c421fad79ee8eb51.jpg

But this plugin will right-purchase my equipment for the moment, sell it,
So I would like to close the plug-in at the time of purchase, open the plug-in after closing the dialog box, what should I do?


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RunCode is C#, RunLuaCode is correct.
But this looks like you are using the quester, you should be using this as part of your fightclass.

Also, if you are using " within a string, they need to be escaped, so it would be (in C#):


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