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Bug wrobot settings ignore unchecked selling options

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Vanilla wrobot client choose to ignore whatever settings you put into the gui



It also seems that purple is missing from the settings.



I noticed that there was never any green items, all sold even if unchecked.


Settings/General-CharName.ServerName.xml file also had the entries correct but still selling



Mistake/Hardcoded values @Droidz ?

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Whatever quester profile you are running is setting those values and is overriding what you have. Take it up with the profile creator or un-tick the runcode step in the profile settings on the quester tab.

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got the same problem. in the questing profile i am using there is just one line that toggles selling on. removed that eventhough it does not change anything about what quality items sould be sold.
problem still persists. keeps selling green stuff.


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