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I had a look at your FC- Keep in mind i play vanilla mostly atm (with a bit of legion) so i may be wrong with some spell names / rotation knowledge for Wotlk. 

Some of the spells are not named correctly.  Eg 'Agony' where it should be 'Curse of Agony'.  The bot doesn't understand nicknames for spells, needs to be 100% the spell name.

Everything- had the " if me in combat=true" flag enabled.  You didnt actually have a spell which could start combat so i think your FC was just choking there.

You may also want to add a /Petattack macro in there somewhere?  maybe Pets just work with wrobot in 3.3.5???

here is my edit of the FC anyway.


Afflic Lock FC.xml

Edited by eeny
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