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How to ADD Trinkets to a FIght Profile the EASY WAY!!!

Bear T.O.E.

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Okay guys this is much easier than we have previously thought. Now this is going to sound crazy but it works and it will work for all fight classes.


Ingame type ( /M ) to bring up the Macro window.  Im the General Macro Tab a two new macros called Trinket 1, and Trinket 2.


In Trinket 1 you will put this: /use 13 ( Then Save. )


In Trinket 2 you will put this: /use 14 ( Then Save. )


Ok in your Fight Profile you will need to add this in the spell rotation area:


RunMacroText("/Use 13")

( Make Sure in Spell Settings to add the timer of the CoolDown, and set True not spell, is lua script. )

RunMacroText("/Use 14")

( Make Sure in Spell Settings to add the timer of the CoolDown, and set True nt spell, is lua script. )


Im using these for the Timeless Isle Farming and just general running of the isle.


RunMacroText("/Use Book of the Ages")

RunMacroText("/Use Singing Crystal")
RunMacroText("/Use Dew of Eternal Morning")


And using these for the Racial abilitites.


RunMacroText("/Cast Gift of the Naaru")
RunMacroText("/Cast Every Man of Himself")
RunMacroText("/Cast Lifeblood")


I would definately add conditions to these.


For Engineers I am using these.


RunMacroText("/Use 6")
RunMacroText("/Use 10")


Yet again I would add conditions to help keep up Maximum Damage or Avoidance.


This will not only work for Trinkets it will work for all Items that you would like to use in your Fight Profiles.

Such as Potions, Flasks, Special Foods, Quest Items, Damage enhancers and so on.


Well guys that is all.

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hello, sorry for my english, it was not my favorite in school. 
I tried different macro in fightclass but it does not work, I should probably hurt translate instructions. 
Would it be possible to have a fightclass with the use of the potion of luck please. 
I do not know what else to try, thank you for your help
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ok in your fight class you would need to add this into you fight class file its self. ( this is the easiest way to help you out )


      <SpellName>RunMacroText("/Use Potion of Luck")</SpellName>
      <FightClassConditions />
          <Param xsi:type="FightClassConditionStringBool">
          <Param xsi:type="FightClassConditionNumber">

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You can just execute the Lua code RunMacroText("/use 13"), that way no macro setups are required and your users don't need to create macros.

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3 minutes ago, henkde said:

Is there a possibility to let Wrobot press Action button 1 all the time while there is a macro I'd made manually?

general settings > advanced > macro, set button and time and coditions when to press it.

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