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I have a problem with the regen. 

(I know the program, i have already several chars 1>70)

Sometimes the robot does not want to regenerate with the settings I made. (server TBC)

On server lightbringer 60 vanilla it never happened every time my character eat according to the percentage of life that I had set and for the mana the same. 

But with this version on TBC and not vanilla, even if i had 15% the bot want fight and search for other target without eat or drink.

Why i have this problem with the tbc client and not vanilla. 


Can u help me ? For a warrior isnt a problem he can target one other after the death but my mage want to kill a other new mob with 15% mana. 

I have already test everything in mana. My cfg is 75% > 95% drink and eat. 



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Got the same Problem (Vanilla + TBC). He Flaggs himself in Combat bec he Targets the next Mob instand rather prioritising drinking.

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nope my characters are not on combat. after they killed one mob they loot and then go directly to the next one. they ignore low mana and low hp.

in 15% of all cases

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