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Client Freezing

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I just started using this version (Vanilla) of the bot on Northdale, and im noticing that the bot is freezing my client for 7-10 seconds at a time, and upon the reload, it drops the target so im normally half dead by that time.


Is this a frame lock issue? or something else?


Let me know

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Searched the forums? this has been brought up a huge amount of times. It's because your addons are taking a high amount of addon memory and WRobot forces reloads because it has a max amount of addon memory that it allows.

You have 2 options, disable your addons OR change the amount of addon memory the bot allows.
Changing the amount of addon memory it allows can be done by going into the settings folder and editing WRobotGlobalSettings file and changing the MaxLuaMemoryUsage.

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So, you're saying I should disable my Hello Kitty Island Adventure Addon?  While we are at it, why dont we all play while wearing pants... which is just insane.


Ill try the second option, thanks for the reply boss!

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