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Relogger issue


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I'm using relogger  using a Horde and Alliance Folder so the vendors don't get crossed to the wrobot.exe Problem is since last update my alliance charachters work with relogger fine but all of my horde accounts get stuck on the wow account login details it doesn't write the details that i filed into relogger like it does the alliance charachters.  tried with a fresh reinstalled wrobot.exe for the horde folder and still it won't log in the details no clue whats up.

5 Jul 2018 11H45.log.html



File below is my relogger alliance folder's wrobot.exe and same proxy as my horde and it connects perfectly but all horde kaput lol..

5 Jul 2018 11H55 - FdEoo.log.html

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From now only relogger of the same Robots works with it. If you use 2 wrobot directory and you set relogger option to use another wrobot exe (from another directory) it will not log in. Wich is wery inconvinient in different cases. Also, this should be a bug report, i guess.

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Ya I use 2 folders Alliance / Horde so my npc database never has alliance vendors when i run a horde toon. Because multiple times my alliance toons in their 20's-30's would run to gromgol to repair and chain die to guards.  So this new relogger doesn't give me that option of 2 folders without having to manually log in the one i don't set as my general wrobot.exe in the relogger settings.

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