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I've noticed a few times that the bot will alert to a whisper or two from a random person, however nothing shows up in game itself. I've noticed this issue with a previous bot as well and wondered if anyone else experienced it and what to do about it?


Part of me just ignores it as I didnt get anything in game, therefor how do i know i even got one? The other part of me is thinking that the bot is somehow blocking the whispers but I can never prove it.


Suggestions on what to do?

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I was sitting at my computer when it happened and didn't see anything in game, how would a screenshot help?


Well the bot has never done this issue to me before, you 100% sure your chat box is working correctly last few days I've had to reset the chat box to see any /w come in.

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This is still happening



[D] **:**:** - Spell(string spellName): spellName=Mind Flay, Id found: 144293, Name found: Mind Flay, NameInGame found: Mind Flay, know = False
**:**:**- 1/31/2014 **:**:** AM - **** [Whisper] : u got ***********
**:**:** - 1/31/2014 **:**:** AM - **** [Whisper] : ** **** *****
**:**:** - Pause started
nothing in game
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You might see this incoming from your real id whispers, its a bit different so check your chat settings, for each column you make type what it is for,for whispers then write that and select whispers to be sent to that column, then when your chat gets flooded you don't lose your whispers, then you know who atleast. You can also disable whispers from pausing the bot, if you watch it..

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