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  1. I noticed that it scans not every line, but through one. That is, if he has to scan 5 products, he scans the first, third and fifth. And the second and fourth skips. And is it possible to realize that the bot itself scans the auction after launch before placing it? And it would be nice to break down by section. So if he scans for example "Jade", this is only a trade goods but not the entire auction. A lot of things with similar names and this slows down the scan, especially in versions 3.3.5 and below
  2. A good idea to disable the authorization server for vanilla wrobot in general
  3. Received offline ban of all accounts, old and new If someone is alive and everything is in order, please write too. Need to compare profile plugins and so on
  4. Today, more than 10 accounts were banned on the horde. Northdale server. At the same time, the entire alliance remained in order. Profile [H] [PAID] [Quest] 1-60 grinder 2.0.0. It looks like the routes of this profile are now monitored or filtered.
  5. So... it was my mistake with the proxy. The software that I use for proxying was sometimes crash as I checked on the log files. When the crash bots software passed through my provider ip and as a result, the administration of lighthope simply blocked my ip and with it all accounts that have ever logged in with it So be careful with this. Now I am working to firmly prohibit the connection to any wow servers, even if no software is running.
  6. Some servers have a rush hour when you are 200+ in the queue before you enter. Reloger never waits for this queue and starts restarting again in the queue again and again. Have a solution?
  7. When I read all this turmoil going on around the release of the official classic warcraft such hints slipped in some sources. And the closing of the lightshope project was also associated with the release of the classic. Just as I remember, it was one of the leaders of the lighthope who met with a representative from Blizzard even before the official announcement. I also want to emphasize once again that I do not claim that it is 100% true, I just said that I had heard about it.
  8. Previously, this was not. bans were only on reports. Some received mass bans only if they did not use a proxy or VPN. What is happening now on Northdale is very similar to what was on the official servers. However, I do not think that this is an equipment identifier because there were others on these machines and they are now and everything is fine with them. More similar to the fact that the lighthope team got their hands on tools for analyzing the behavior of the characters on the server side. I heard that lightshoop developers are actively involved in the development of the official classic server and I think that this is somehow connected
  9. Over the past two days, banned a lot of accounts. Including accounts that more than two weeks did not go into the game. Write if someone has a similar problem. I do not understand where the problem is. If the problem is only with me, then maybe this is my proxy provider.
  10. The Hammer May Fall How should he take this quest if he tries to escape through the western plaguelands? He also does not want to automatically take the airship at level 31. It just stands and does nothing. In general, the profile very much reminds me of 1-40 vanila horde of Enraged, only its earlier version when it had the first developer. The same chain of quests is almost the same bugs ...
  11. Someone from this community is likely to shoot video and report other bots on Northdale. One of his characters 'Lickmycrits' He writes that he shot the video and all that. Then he asks what profile and asks about scripts MoveDuringCombat So be careful.
  12. Many times I asked this question, including the Droidz. But no one answered the options to fix it. In theory, you need to write a plugin that will turn off the standard algorithm of running to the corpse after death and activate a script that will make it run to the entrance to the dungeon. But I did not read the documentation and I do not know if there is a technical possibility to implement it using the plug-in. It would be much easier to add in the bot one tick for the quest bot that sounds like "it's a dungeon". Which will disable the standard algorithm and then the resurrection will only be managed by your profile. Then it's already a few simple conditions and it's done
  13. Does not leave the group after completing the quest (Vanila servers) It also works incorrectly if invited when the bot does not run any quests at this moment
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