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  1. I think this should be easy to make a profile for... you would just go to the spots they say find the chests and add it into a gather profile.
  2. I do not know what its doing, it just stands at the entrance until someone attacks then it runs a foot forward stops then does it again all the way till its in range of the mob... any idea?
  3. How about an option to do mutliple things such as I stated above and also gather. I know there is gather on long trip option, but how about loading the ability to grind/gather and queue for pvp. thanks!
  4. Version v1.0


    OK for this you will need to be Human to get to 20 and I also have a level 25 guild which gives me exp bonus. SO if you do not, then chances are you will be short getting to 20 with this profile. Also I have about 4 quests in Redridge I could not figure out how to move the profile along. One requires you to actually complete it rest require a click and wala. Droidz may be able to look at my profile and figure it out since his was pretty spot on. Anyhow requires: Human race from 17-20 for this part
  5. Sooner the better.. making questing profiles is a bitch with these pop-ups
  6. redridge mountains if you start the one i posted above its second part is a pop-up part.
  7. maybe there is a macro, but i need to be able to click on the quest that pops up after completing one. In particular Turing the Gnomecorder quest
  8. Version v1.0


    I figured I would contribute a tab bit more. The built in quester profile (atleast) for human was bugged as soon as they got to goldshire. Anyhow I fixed it, then used the Zygor guide to then level till westfall. I actually got to level 11 before I decided to just end Zygor guide and move over. Anyhow what you need: -Ideally grab the zygor guide and configure it to auto-equip the equipment you loot -Make sure you have at least 4 16 slot bags... didnt add a selling point, maybe next change
  9. Think this is a potential option to add PVP to the pve grinder? Just let it random queue in BG's then grind away till it pops then back to the grind. Rinse and repeat
  10. If you look at the map where my arrow is where the profile starts. Its right at the docks area
  11. jimmyn

    BM Hunter

    I will fix the mend pet thing. I put it as a high priority since i didnt want my pet to die killing NPC's, but PVP is a completely different story. Never the less the fix should work well in both scenarios.
  12. Also nice place to farm your http://www.wowhead.com/item=94222/key-to-the-palace-of-lei-shen#comments
  13. Version V 1.0


    This is a very small profile, but the spawns are very quick. I ran this for hours on a BM hunter with no deaths. My pull range was set to 25 feet and it will just path down and back (plenty of 2 mob packs). Was getting 27-28 per kill non human with level 25 guild (so popularity perk).
  14. jimmyn

    BM Hunter

    Version Version 1.1


    Well I didnt care too much for the Disengage that the BM hunter profile had(would sometimes shoot me over the edge of the mountain), so I came up with this. I also went ahead and added some BM GCD's and the spells that Noxxic states are best/rotation for PVE. I have been running this very well on my custom Black Prince Rep Profile I created. Notes: Will heal your PET!! (Biggest drawback of package BM class) Your heal is priority (Less deaths) Will attempt to CC a second Mob with Ice Trap (less Deaths) Feign Death with more than 2 mobs nearby and health below 75% (less deaths again let the pet tank) Anyone have issues let me know I shall try and address them. MAYBE the creators will add a Stack of Frenzy's so i can properly create the Focus Fire to work better
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