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  1. Grinden in Azshara 55-57, get killed constantly from those elite giants! Also is my VPN causing issues with the transaction ID? It always stopps saying its already in use.
  2. If would would have the skill, thanks for the quick answer. Might try it
  3. Can it be used to use hearthstone before logging off?
  4. Did you level your paladin as prot or ret?
  5. I am level 40, he wants go grind 40-45 and keeps running in circles. from flight master to mudsprocket, walks from there to Camp Taurajo and flying back to mudsprocket, back to Taurajo, then walks to ratchet, talks to flight master walks away, there I stopped
  6. SO how do I see if it is disabled or enabled?
  7. works again tyvm, just tried to disable steps in quester mode and there are no more checkmarks?
  8. I intalled the update today and now it will not open again anymore.
  9. sure, my recommondation was to use growl until FF available to not pull bigger groups
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