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  1. Hi, i noticed after some time bot getss hard time to deliver quests and reloading the ui helps with this, so i made a reloadui macro and let wrobot use it every 1800 seconds. But problem sometimes is that when i start wrobot the first thing he does is use the macro while everything is still loading in wrobot. Is there any way to keep using this but maybe delay the first usage of the macro? So let bot run normal ( load every profile/quester/fightclass) and then after 5 minutes run the macro for the first time and then every 30 minutes after it? or even better, only let the macro run after 30 minutes for the first time.
  2. Standing next to Flightmaster i get this
  3. Made some screenshots as its easier explaining that way. So first 2 screenshots is how bot show run from the trainer back to SW. The third screenie shows with the green line what bot should do and with the red line what the bot actually does. I seen this on multiple occasions at multiple levels. Bot keeps bumping into the wall while he is in the water
  4. It is allready at 2.0...the problem is instead of running back on the ramp he jumps in water and tries to reach Stormwind...will make some screenshots
  5. Hey I noticed the bot has a problem when u play Shaman and u went to train in Stormwind and after that need to go to flightmaster or into Stormwind. Bot always heads into the water and then tries to run to Flightmaster like that ut he is down in the water stuck against a wall.
  6. Hey, i just noticed the bot trying to mount every few steps in BB. Any way to avoid this as it seems really botty. Thanks for the help
  7. OMG i never seen that...feeling so stupid now. Thanks for fast reply
  8. Hey, i am lvling on Karazhan TBC server atm and have taken up mining. I notice that the bot always mines 3 times, in log it says "farming failed" first 2 times and then after third one "Farming Succesfull" and then moves on. I guess this comes from later versions of wow where u mine once and get everything. The fail message i dont care but on TBC u can sometimes mine 4-5-6 times so im not getting all the ores i could. Any way to fix this? Is this some setting i didnt set correctly? Do i need a specific plugin for tbc? Thanks for any help with this
    Came back after 1 year break and damn, these guys made using Wrobot 10 times better/easier. Great product, easy and fast to get up and running, easy to customize,...what else can i say. Best FC there is and what makes it even better...ITS FREE. Support and updates are also incredible. Fast help if u have questions and if u have any idea about how u think something could be even better or fitting to your needs just tell it on discord and it gets implemented very fast or u get a reply telling u why its not a good idea. What are u still here readin this btw, GO AND DOWNLOAD IT NOW
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