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  1. And I thought I remembered something wrong when I saw that Paypal payments are not accepted. Hopefully there will be a way
  2. Is there a way to let the bot stand up by itself so that it can heal? In vanilla, the character doesn't get up alone when trying to use a spell. So he just sits there and tries to use 'healing wave' all the time. But he can't
  3. Works great. I thank both of you. Really been helpful. Maybe one last question. Sorry 😪 Can you somehow tell wrobot that it should use certain spells as a healer in party mode? Take the Stoneclaw Totem as an example. Works perfectly as a grinder or wRotation but is completely ignored in party mode as a healer. But I also only use built-in Profile Creator conditions. Conditions: Buff = Stoneclaw Totem, False Health Percent = Smaller, 90 Target targeting Me = True Me in Combat = True
  4. Hi I want my follow bot to remove poison and disease in the group. Unfortunately it only removes the debuff from the first target and does not switch to other targets. He then just stands around and tries to continue to use the spell but remains focused on the first group member. I've read around in the forum, but apparently it's mostly about keeping buffs up. Or maybe I just have a monkey brain that is too small Thank you very much for everyone who takes the time hasDebuff = false; for i=1,40 do local texture, count, debuffType = UnitDebuff("target", i); if debuffType == "Poison" then hasDebuff = true break; end end true hasDebuff
    Of all the ones I've tried, by far the best routine. Unfortunately no mortal strike (warrior) support. That would also be mine please. A simple option to use Mortal Strike instead of Bloodthirst. I currently use the routine as an MS warrior and use Heroic Strike. Still better than the other routines I've tried. The second best, which also supports MS, simply loses far too much DPS due to stance dancing. I think as soon as I have a set of acceptable one-handed weapons I will go over to Fury. The routine is just too good to say no Greetings from Germany. I hope everything was understandable
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