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  1. Hello, try to disable your fightclass and check if you fish spell is in your action bar (try also to disable you wow addon)
  2. Ok, I haven't solution (you can try to use pre-sized image (image already at the good size) (but I ignore if "invisionpower" will resize your images automatically or not)
  3. Hello, can you read this: If you problem is not resolved, can you share your log file please ( ).
  4. Hello,
  5. Hello please need your help.
    When I start relogger and as always the bot start logs it completely normal, but the login window comes every few seconds and starts the login window one by one only from a bot.
    what can I do?

  6. I don't think that you can use bbcode to resize image with this editor. Why do you want do that?
  7. Hello, try to reinstall WRobot and don't change relogger general settings
  8. BBCode seem not really supported on recent version. The only way to resize image seem be: 2017-04-21_10-45-57.mp4
  9. Hello, Quest.GetQuestCompleted(123456)
  10. Hello, can you tell me if your problem is resolved
  11. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to All
  12. Hello, blacklist zone
  13. Hello, are you sure than an NPC repair/vendor in available?
  14. Essayé de désactiver vos addons wow et d'activer l'option de WRobot "Use lua to move"