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  1. Hi, on the fight class that I posted, I had it able to summon the infernal in one build but not the next, I was wondering if you could help me.

  2. Hello, you get this problem since when? Try to disable your antivirus/firewall.
  3. yes use relogger
  4. Hello, no but some wow addons can do it.
  5. Hello, try to use lua script for this
  6. Hello,
  7. Hello, you can't with "gatherer" product but you can use wow addon (or create your own wrobot plugin for it).
  8. Hello, try to disable your wow addon
  9. Hello, WRobot does not know if he's in town or not
  10. You have probably put "true" at "Not spell, is c# code..." intead of put "true" at "Not spell is lua script..."
  11. Bonjour, Dans l'éditeur de fightclass buff prend en compte les buff et debuff. Et c'est 1 condition (par exemple "Target Buff" pour 1 buff/debuff).
  12. Hello, Can you share your log file please ( Try also to contact @xandrosz