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  • Elevators (OffMeshConnection) all seem broken since latest update

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Fixed

    Hey Droidz,

    it seems wRobot falls off Elevators since the last update. Did you change anything about pathing/movement in general?

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    Hello, I checked (on tbc) and not problem, last update is only for memory lib (to fix a hook problem for few people), you still get this problem?

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    It happened to me today once, but @maukor said on Discord it happened on 1k needles, Freewind Elevator and Thunderbluff Elevator.
    I will double check tomorrow if it works.

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    Client: TBC 2.4.3
    Server: Nightbane(sunwell) if that matters
    faction: Horde
    how often it happens: 100% of the time

    the last few days my bot/s has had problem with thunder bluff/1k needles and freewind post(horde city in 1k needles) it keeps running up the ramp and falling off where the elevator is and then looping/geting stuck under the elevator ramp/sometimes running into the wall trying to path upstairs of the elevator(?)

    will edit once again once i can get a video off it happening again
    edit: https://i.gyazo.com/cc9e9ebdaea55d4523d6e83b37aedd51.mp4 
    this is the same behaviour for all the elevators, after running into the wall for a few second it loops.
    i cant pull a log right now cause having issues with my server that ran the vms but ill edit a second time if i manage.

    tried fresh install & even fresh vmware windows and redownload of everything, always same issue at Thunder bluff & Freewind post & Barrens>1K needles elevator.

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    Yeap, it happens in like 99% cases in thousand needless ( freewind post ) too, In both ways, Up and down. I tried old version and new version, all the same
    Netherwing 2.4.3 The guy above me linked .mp4 video. exactly what happens. bot runs to elevator, and then run through it

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    3 hours ago, Droidz said:

    can you share logs of sessions where you get this problem please

    TBC: 2.4.3 Logfile request.

    this is the logfile.  the same loop of being stuck happens at all elevators. Thunder bluff & Barrens/Needles and Freewind post(city in thusand needles).

    this log is from the elevator to barrens. but they all act the same.

    7 feb 2019 18H37 - eNemHLO.log.html

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