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turning is sketchy?

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 both my mage ( paid  fightclass)and  Druid(  eeny 1-60 druid)
have  issue  with turning around and  actually  facing  the   enemy units,
In case  of the mage when it   frostnova  and runs  to kite,  it takes  some times  to  turn around and   fire another bolt and its  not smooth  its  more like  stuttering
in case  of the druid   ,  he  sometimes  outruns past the  unit in melee  range and  causes  the bot  to  not do anything  for a  while  

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12 hours ago, andyroo said:

currently have the same concern. but when i turn on CTM the bot stutters when moving like heck


On 10/10/2018 at 8:56 AM, Matenia said:

Activate CTM, force 60 Hz on your monitor and enable vertical sync ingame. 

Use a tool like NvidiaInspector, set Frame Rate Limiter to ~60 and V-Sync to Force On

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