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Problem with ENCRYPTED files on TBC


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I cant run encrypted files on tbc, when I run them I get an error

The object reference does not indicate an object instance


I have done everything like: re-download, redownload bot, profiles
Even had Andoido help with teamviewer and we found out that cannot run Encrypted files.

This problem only on TBC client, on Vanilla and WOTLK works fine.


Tested on: 1-60 AFK Quester and [PROFESSION] Mining & Herbalism




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Will someone help me in solving this issue? This problem is not only on TBC, but also on vanilla. Through the relogger, only 1 profile is launched, and the rest is a mistake. I can not run more than 1character. Having reinstalled the bot many times, nothing helps. Profiles without protection works fine.

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