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Check for the current grinder profile name


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To quickly find errors in the profiles I use this code in the plugin to display the current profile name in the logs:

wManager.Wow.Helpers.Quest.QuesterCurrentContext.ProfileName == "test.xml"

I searched hard, but didn't find a similar code for the grinder..... something like Grinder.GrinderCurrentContext.ProfileName == "test.xml"....

Does anyone know a similar method?



The next code gives an error if product is not quester:

Quester.Bot.QuesterSetting.CurrentSetting.ProfileName == "test.xml"


Same code gives an error if product != grinder:

Grinder.Bot.GrinderSetting.CurrentSetting.ProfileName == "test.xml"


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  • Pudge changed the title to Check for current grinder profile name

Are you using

String Questname = Quester.Bot.QuesterSetting.CurrentSetting.ProfileName.String(); 

Logging.Write(“quest : “ + Questname + “doing”);

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Hello, I think it is because you need to preload dll:

robotManager.Products.Products.LoadProductsWithoutInit(Others.GetCurrentDirectory + @"\Products\Grinder.dll").Initialize();
robotManager.Products.Products.LoadProductsWithoutInit(Others.GetCurrentDirectory + @"\Products\Quester.dll").Initialize();


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