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Bot not skinning


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1 hour ago, TheSmokie said:

See if the skinning option is on.

Hmm, i didnt describe my problem well. My problem is that bot skins only about 50-75% of mobs, no idea why, With this plugin is a little bit better, but still quite often doesnt skin;/


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3 hours ago, Droidz said:

Hello, in advanced general settings increment your min latency

hello, thank you for answer, my server latency is around 100, in advanced setting is min 300, max 700 what should i set?

So changed proxy, my latency is now aroynd 60, i set min 500 and max 1000 but bot still sometimes doesnt skin
EDIT2: So sometime it skins 10 mobs in a row and then skip next 3 or 4

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