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Fightclasses & Stuns

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I have been using WRobot for quite some time now. One thing that keeps coming up repeatedly and I don't know if it bothers anyone else or not,
but it would be really great if there was a way to "sleep"  the Fightclass thread when the player is incapacitated, stunned, etc.. There is noting
that screams I am using a bot when it spams abilities several times a second and there is no way to actually perform the spells in game because
your player is stunned. If I were more knowledgeable on the internals of WRobot, I would attempt to write a plug-in, but I am not sure if can be done.

Thanks for your time!

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You could put the conditions in the main loop of your fightclass where you execute spells like: !ObjectManager.Me.HaveBuff() or you use something like !ObjectManager.Me.IsStunned. There are several ways to achieve what you want.

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I know I could do it my Fight class, but more importantly, it would be better if ALL those stuns were handled internally without the need of fightclasses.

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22 minutes ago, Apexx said:

I did not know that @Matenia, thanks! And the noise effects are client-side as well I presume?

ofc. ?
If you do a dungeon or a raid, notice that you can't hear any of the other players yelling "Spell is not ready yet". Trust me 90% of wow players mash keys. ?

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