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You write a grinder for arathi....your guy ends up dead for 6 hours in burning steeps. Not trying to mine and had no gathering skills.....to think we are paying for this????


To think this kid was trying to build a marketplace where you would have to buy profiles from content creators even after buying the bot.....make it working out of the box WTF???

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i think it should be @blackrockspeculator is so bad, i have ran muti bots and not die, you need to make your own profile. if you dont want problems. Or pay someone like @Bambo or @Matenia for help doing what you want it to do. stop making stupid posts blaming the bot when you are the one who doesnt know how to config the bot or make your own shit.


Note  Matenia charges 30$ per hour of his help. idk about bambo.


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If you set up shitty vendors or trainers and your bot ends up pathing to fucking stormwind or something, yeah you're gonna path through high-level zones and die.
Pathfinding just means it's picking the shortest path available. 

That's why most profiles add transports as offmeshes and some of the more advanced profiles even do manual training at specific steps. The bot does exactly what it advertises itself as. But if you aren't willing to weed through the free tutorials and learn how to use it AND not willing to pay one of the content creators to do that work for you, then you'll have to go through trial and error yourself.

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