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daily files or 1- 60 quester  

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  1. 1. daily files or 1- 60 quester?

    • 1- 60 Allaince Files
    • Allaince daily files

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Ok so going gage if should  make ally 80 daily quest profiles before going back to focus on 1- 80 been putting off. Atm I finally have an 80 on lordearon and have 30 days of que skipping so poll is up to see what think should do first.

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Alliance for the win, Woot woot.

I go rather with Alliance Daily files, would be awesome to skip this repetative stuff.


Thank you very much for your efford doing profiles, keep up the good work!

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Dailies it is then yah was my point looking at gold  guide saying  do em  + don't wan keep  doing them so guess I'll start on em tonight maybe.

So silly me I got unlock alot of hubs so might take bit longer already found out which ones are working.

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