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Quest profile to kill Mob without quster giver


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6 hours ago, saleh said:

yes not exist

Are you looking for a profile to kill x amount of a particular mobs? If so can you clear up which mobs and where?

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I'm kind of keen if anyone has a template for this.

One example I can give is http://www.wowhead.com/quest=11617/hampering-their-escape .  In this quest you need to first gather the items from mobs, then use them in 3 locations.  currently for this  I pulse the bot between the useitem location and hope the bot aggros the mobs that drop the quest item. I then the hope the bot can then use the quest item in the correct location.... this quest takes some time- does work though.

Ideally with this i could pulse the bot out to kill 15 of the mobs (hopefully enough to collect required quest items) then pule use items in the location.  That initial 15 kills would have no quest ID or tracker.

Im sure some person is sniggering with their superior C# quest proifile that does just this- i however use the 'easy' quest editor.

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