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Grinder Action


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i need to make a sequence of quest and grinding  to handle levels 100 

1- Use Garrison Heathstone

2- Garisson farming

3- Garisson work Orders

4- Use Heatstone

5- Start daily qusts

6- Daily Farming (grinding)

So i use relogger and many Profiles 

but i face some problem Like

some places the toon use Fly mount then it missed the traget like Nbc

use Portals to move from place to another



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27 minutes ago, saleh said:

like This Action

but it is all not work


You need to put in action: 

c#: wManager.Wow.Helpers.Conditions.ForceIgnoreIsAttacked = true;

but you need also to wait next udapte of WRobot (ForceIgnoreIsAttacked is not released yet).

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