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Hello, i have everything correct in my class except for the spell Shoot, when i put it in to the fightclass in game it just toggles shoot on and off and it never actually shoots i have tried to mess around with but i cant figure it out.

any help would be appreciated

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17 hours ago, Droidz said:


https://gyazo.com/469dc272f77504b7e94ff9c613029cda here is how it looks when bot tries to wand sometimes, it take staff up and i tried this:

Wanding should be Shoot set to 1000 time and Condition = C Sharp Code value = isAutoRepeat = IsAutoRepeatSpell("Shoot")

Set as lua code in settings aswell but i gives a error when you start the fightclass..

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The Bot tries to hit the target with melee weapon and just spams "target to far away"

Would be great to get a clarification as henkde said how to use this code...

ive tried 

using it was a spellcode

using spell shoot with c Sharpcode and neither is working even to i try is lua code = true .. i even tried with false :p


*edit this is what bot does 


trying to spam melee something that does not exist even when bot is turned off..

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Didn't Driodz do something where the range of the fight class needed to be > 15?25? to stop auto-attack.  change that for a start.


Thats my profile for Vanilla- works OK


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