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Huge banwave of bots 3.3.5

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Hello, I just wanted to point out that on w4rmane server (icecr0wn), few days ago, there were several banwave of bots, like 40-50 red rows on chat about accounts permanently banned for botting. This happened another time, some days later, another HUGE banwave afflicted many, many accounts.

This time I'm not crying or anything about the product, but main gather zones are now almost empty and you can manually farm at every hour with decent results, you can finally see some yellow dots on the minimap.

Maybe you already know from my previous post that I'm not using this product anymore, until it has some good improvement, but I still want to give my best help to the community even if I'm inactive -bot talking-, so the reason I opened this topic is because I think the product has been spotted somehow, I never see banwaves like that, usually they were 4-5 accounts/week, but this time pretty sure more than 100+ accounts were gone in less than 5 days.

Also, before this happened, I was randomly trying to gather in Northrend and I saw many players with wrobot, the behaviour was unique and as a wrobot user I could spot them pretty easily, movement type, combat behaviour, stuck into walls, and other typical things.

I don't think every bot player got recorded and reported, few players bother to do that...so as already said I think this product has something that is easily detectable, I don't know what, but that huge banwave made me think a lot.

Also "connecting" to other topic, where Droidz (or some other admin) said that most users are satisfied and not opening topics about ban means the product is safe and I (we) may are using it in a wrong way, I think it's kinda incorrect...

Just wanted to let you know this, maybe some of you has experienced this banwave (got banned, or at leat saw that red shit spam on chat) and can confirm this.

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This happened on Outland every day since day 1. They ban at least 50 accounts a day. It means nothing, because the bot isn't detected.

It's just manual reports adding up. If their GMs actually put in any real work, they'd be banning 200 accounts a day. I've been botting on Warmane since day 1, got banned twice after never really logging out and staying in one spot for days.

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Yes I know they do banwaves but this time it was very huge (at least for me) so I was kinda worried, as already said I'm used to see like 4-5 accounts banned every X days let's say, never saw like 40+ accounts in a single day, but that's probably because of the realm, idk. Thats kinda "scary" if you say on Outland they ban 50 account/day, that's pretty insane.


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