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Item Id Cooldown Enabled not work

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I want my warlock to use [HealthStone] for less than 30% health , Then I found this method in the forum like this ,but it does not work for me.     

I also mentioned a similar question in the forum that Mage dont use Mana Citrine .

Curiously, when I remove the condition [ItemIdCooldownEnabled], bot will use the item when other conditions are met, the only problem is that the [HealthStone] and [Mana Citrine] have cooldown, the bot will keeps trying to use the item , causing my player look like Like a fool standing still, will not do anything.

Now, I want to know if there are other ways to detect when an item's cool down has ended .I found a similar problem in the forum Looks like it has not been solved yet .

Sorry for my ba English,I hope you can understand the problem I have described.

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8 minutes ago, Droidz said:

Hello, do you use good item id?

In fightclass editor, in "spell settings" you can try to use option "Timer"

This is  [HealthStone] IDblob.png.6864148bcd82cba3f429cb839e1a65ae.png,so the item id is right.

When I set [ItemIdCooldownEnabled] to False, the bot will uses the item, i dont know why.

Except setting [Time] in [spell settings]. Is there any other way to detect if the item CD cooldown is complete?


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