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Warmane 2.4.3 battleground BOT

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Hello, i have question, bot in battleground on warmane 2.4.3 will result to get ban or is not detectable? Thx :)


EDIT : i trying it, dont get ban, but problem when i launch it, when i am in BG he only attack with the weapon so its so spotted for mage lol, can anyone help me? (i cant DL the fight class profile on forum :<)


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Make your own fight class, it's really simple. But the risk is still high, even if you make a complex fight class. I've seen three people run the exact same path in AB at the same moment.

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I do not have a cracked version but only the trial version, but thanks for answering, so i decide to buy this file :


E  s

 But the problem is: i buy this file and its free, but its ok, and the first problem its .DLL so i cant use it for fight class, can anyone help me pls??
 But i see i buy it for nothing because its free but its ok, and after, i see its .DLL file !!! so i cant use it in fightclass!, can someone help me pls? :( thx..
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On 11/19/2017 at 9:33 PM, Matenia said:

You did not buy the file (if you're using the free version attached to the wRobot forums).
You can use a DLL file just like any XML or C# file (.cs) in your fightclass folder.

Encrypted files doesn't work with the trial version of Wrobot though as far as I remember.

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