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Check for spell rank in 1.12


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I have been searching the forums but not been able to find a solution that works

I am trying to have a fight class select the appropriate spell based on the ranks that are known, a dream scenario would be:

public Spell Frostbolt = new Spell("Frostbolt");
public Spell Firebolt = new Spell("Firebolt");

if(Frostbolt.KnownRank > 4){
} else {

Does any one know how this would be possible to do given the functionality that is available?

Thanks in advance!

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would you not be best in just putting a level on it, assuming you train frostbolt rank 4 at lvl 20?  22?.. why not just:

 if (ObjectMager.Me.level > 20 && Frostbolt.Knownspell)




... not exactly what your asking, but would work for the scenario you gave above.

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