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Pathfinding stopped working

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Bot was working great on light hope but in the last hour path finding has stopped. Just runs into walls now and looks like a bot. Tried restarting bot wow and computer with no success

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36 minutes ago, Whops said:

ok great this just happend to me aswell, ffs cant this shit just run smoothly?

In technology there's always errors and bugs.

18 minutes ago, razzathepro said:

Any idea when this will be fixed just payed for a profile and an subscription for the bot and the bot doesn't work

I think its caused cos of the path server's host beeing down and seems like theres no autorestart to it since its still down so dno can Droidz even do anything to it than just wait. Unless its on local host of his own or something, no clue. But meanwhile you can do as I did, make few Grinder profiles and either disable looting/selling and let the bot run like headless chicken killing the mobs, or make profile which has clear path to vendor so it wont get stuck on walls etc. In that way you can atlast keep on leveling.

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11 minutes ago, razzathepro said:

I managed to make my own little grinder profile and it was running the loop with no problem. Thanks again guys for the help.

Yeah bot handles the close by hotspots and simple kill everything you see logic just fine without path finder. Temporary solution.


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