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Simple Question.... after long time research...

Is there any possible way the bot automatic learn Talents? (there is an function "assign talents" but I dont know how to get it work.)


Best regards

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11 hours ago, Droidz said:

Hello, download and extract Talents.zip in the folder "WRobot\FightClass\". Edit text file with notepad (of your wow class) writte macro 

I've managed to get a working ig script to use Talen tree.... is there any way to add this to my profile please? 


/run t,p,a={1,12,23,52,63,82,91,103,113,122,141,151,162,173,182,191,2,12,23,32,52,61,3,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=tif a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end


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