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  1. 他只是说用的人多了容易被封...然后中国人很会破解..说的是实事,你是脑子有问题吗?
  2. if can then how to set. let the bot take target as players.
  3. Is WRotation working with healer? seem not working on me..
  4. that's great ! hope can see 90-100 soon .if can add Treasure location in also, so that when lvl up also can finish the Treasure Hunter,btw treasure also give like 10K exp
  5. is this profile can start from any lvl between 1-60 like 35..
  6. BTW I think there is a mistake., In the moon form spell > conditions> need (i think here is false not true which is in your profile)
  7. very nice profile!!!! i just test it.. Do u interest in Restoration?
  8. how to set condition? I got it .lol
  9. Version 1.0.0


    95% AFK, Need someone help me add spell Blessing of Salvation Keep the buff for Damage reduction effect from spell "shield of the righteous" "Righteous Protector" only for Boss Auto interrupt casting Low HP Auto using spell Did not change the CDR(if you want, try to change it from the spell setting>timer ) ADD:; Hand of the Protector low than 80% Talents: http://www.wowhead.com/talent-calc/paladin/protection/M5l0
  10. I see... but if like that how can i find and download it ? XD
  11. Working with Restoration Shaman How can i target the player in the party.. setting in spell setting : For friends in True Also Product setting: attack all the selected target is Yes. still dont working .. help me figure out
  12. Shaman also no easy bro... working on it.
  13. DIY, that's what i did... Paladin profile is working nice! now i move to mage lol.
  14. software is not support Chinese, But so far the profile is working in TW and CN sver, I play both. I think Wrobot is using ID for the stuffs and spells.
  15. No, no, no . So far I knew one thing can't be fast, if you are a male. Lol
  16. post it out bro.. i want to learn from your works lol..
  17. This way seems not working with me ..i change the cooldown time to 4500 can working nicely.. now only then question 3. how can i check the spell be reset, and using that spell asap.
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