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  1. ok. im not sure but with hunter tbc fc same thing
  2. hi works good. but when i use macro /rotatoggle in game interface says it still paused. fc works, its kinda hard to track fc active or not. everything else works like charm.
  3. can i pause bot in game? maybe any macro to do that? mainly im using wrotation. so i need to pause bot time to time
  4. Is any plug in to pause bot in game?
  5. omg i lost hunter profile. omg omg. what i should do? dont have sellfy account
  6. i turn of conflict addons, was elvui , loadit, cartographer. now its working good. i play on warmane server. downloaded (i hope) clean client. i use your FC almost a year. never had problem. but now something change. when i use bot with those addon i mention, its works good till i use macro rotatoggle. if i press in ingame interface with mouse, rotation run or pause fc works good. problem starts only if i use macro and only in combat i just letting u to know. im not complaining. btw your fc works great on excalibur server
  7. what if u (devs) have clean clients to to download on your website
  8. hi. have problem with your FC [resto druid tbc] . im using wrotation. when i start fight looks everything ok, but when i hit macro (rotatoggle or something) i hear sound like fc or bot what to use some skill but nothing happens. When random addon error pops up and when i see system message unauthorized software or modification to your game client has been detected and ill disconnected shortly. and after couple times i got temp banned 24 Dec 2018 21H12.log.html
  9. i didnt say that warmane detect bot. have no problem with herbalism mining, but then bot start using FC, addon errors start poping up and then chat masages tells me then im going to be disconnected, and then i get temporally ban
  10. ye. same thing. just have suspended for 6 days. same violation #2. thing is im not gather at all. im just using wrotation. when i start bot. i hear sound like bot (or FC) what to click button. not happen before. i didn't use wrobot for for some time and when i update it it start acting weird (ordush rdruid fc). and bot start freezing. Copy log to desktop button not working. so i just ctrl-a, ctrl-v README.txt
  11. outland server it happen to me too.i was using wrotation (ordush rdruid fc) for ~30sec was everything normal and then on wow window pop error (like addon error) then bot stop heal and when chat massages and then i got dc, and same temporally suspended on login screen. i was inside instance and i control my char (movement). i have strong felling that problem was evlui addon. i turned off elvui. Try to use same FC and when pop error window saying something about !Compatibility add on. turned off that too. no problem so far.
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