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  1. on Karazhan gm's use micro teleports to check for a bot(and trades/mails history if there are strong suspicions, but you passed the teleports check). The wrobot has no protection against this and the droidz cannot add it (I asked). So your teleport is just a security bug. Some profiles use a heartstone and the bot close the client with a security(if you have it enabled in the settings)
  2. saw a couple of times, but this is less than 1% of mobs, and even then he usually cut the skins. With the price of skins on Karazhan, I don't think that's a big deal
  3. Blacklist - it's about not harvest here and not pulls mobs here, but if he triggers a mob outside the blacklist zone, then nothing will prevent the bot from going through the blasklist. The blacklist does not make X yards that the bot should ignore and not enter. It's more about that he shouldn't take action in this zone. Maybe this can be done somehow, but obviously not with ordinary fc editor / profile creator. About the taxi, it is most likely a settings or profile problem. With vendors, you can also solve the problem by enabling the checkbox using only vendors from the profile, adding only those with whom you have no problem. About the sale, it is also in the settings
    Great fight classes, quick fixes, adding features on demand (recent additions of bear settings, aquatic form in water, etc.)
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