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  1. Went off with out a hitch after i corrected a few things, but it's made for you to alt- tab since should finish it fairly fast.
  2. Version 1.0.2

    1 download

    This was created on warmane's Frostwolf realm and I used the TrinityCore database Droidz posted. It ran for a 2nd time this time flawless after correction for putting an eye out.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Worked better at 49, but is decent for 48 and I'm sorry for taking so long to release something new.
  4. I checked ZZukbot to find out about and at same time a thread about people being banned the second they use ZZukbot.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This was made with the grind bot, so run it there, also it's set to use hotspots
  6. So anyone herar about the guy who made zzukbot joining Elysium? I find it bit concerning and at same time interesting to see if more people will jump ship for wrobot vanilla.
  7. removed it there was no point for it and working on a 41 to 45 atm might be bit.
  8. I've had no issue getting to 19 on several warlocks and not much time to work on it. I thought it'd be implied self training need to be turned off, and deaths are to be expected at some point it matters what class is being used.
  9. wotlk section is to talk about issues and thing related to bot, so makes no sense to me why wouldn't post in download section for files.
  10. I'm look into in mean time I tweaked 28 to 30 and will look into the differences from wotlk.
  11. Check pretty busy with school, work, and something else
  12. That's not much help please tell me where, also please read the info at the top I put addons in the details.
  13. Lol check download section it's where i upload anything here
  14. That sounds awesome, but in mean time i suggest using a follow path that it won't use after after XX level.