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  1. I just need sub back after get paid now and then work on 1.12.1stuff Nice to see it quest!
  2. Ah so noticed it said wow 2.4.3 and updater is saying it downloaded 1.12.1
  3. Cool to see added 1.12.1 ptr, but not seeing the 1.12.1 on list to download. Edit: It's there dunno if was issue with other updater re-downloaded, but going run it some let know any issue as they arise. Edit 2: it downloaded, but say incorrect version and set it like normal
  4. Finally been waiting ages ZZukbot is aids. I would love the quester if could, but alot of work so grinder or anything is fine since got like no free time now -_-
  5. Just looked now srry, but be sure your to run it nquester bot or it won't work. I had no issues running it again today
  6. zzukbot works alright but it's a pain in the ass to make even simplest of files for it to grind. VB is decent but haven't touched it since 2013, but if remember right was more of the same. Also seems like they only let you get v1 atm and v2 looked better which is only reason i got it
  7. um yeah it's called use the wotlk ones no huge diff in zones, but on quester there migh be some.
  8. that takes time to do and dunno if droidz will any time soon, but no telling
  9. Zangarmarsh Herb/Mining farm

    Version 1.0.0


    Finished it just now followed an old guide for path used do not have herber to test and it might do ok mining. 8/29 Yah i figured it might get stuck i flew low hopes it'd lower stucks also look into turning down search range I don't have time to tweak anything.
  10. Sholazar mining Free

    Version 1.0.0


    Has repair vendor and mailbox does a big circle and goes around few of the mountains out there no real testing atm
  11. also dealing with newegg, and debt card anti fraud alerts on my gpu and psu tried to order learned just use paypal if have one saves so much time. Only thing kinda of good atm is 5gb from full client 7.0.3 ^^
  12. Yah i just play ally only ever switch private to what ever side is best for pve at time the time there
  13. OH yah finally about to be in green with 10 gb left to down thank god, but deff need gpu with fps was getting
  14. Ally US duh pointless to start horde when got a level blood elf sitting there since wod launch and like 10 allys at 100
  15. yah if had norm speed got at the grace period of my internet i'd had 1 mb/s last night, but left to assume alot of people downloading or should have modem reset